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What is Ankle Instability?

Ankle instability is a condition that can occur due to repeated ankle sprains, which can weaken or tear the ligamentous complex of the outer ankle.

Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms may include pain, swelling, lack of support and difficulty with balance.


Non-surgical treatment may involve:

  • Immobilization to allow the ligament to heal
  • Physical therapy to improve strength, range of motion and balance
  • Ankle brace for support
  • Antiinflammatories (such as NSAIDS) to help with pain and inflammation

Surgical treatment may be necessary if the instability is severe or resistant to conservative options. Depending on the nature of the injury this can involve direct repair of the ligament via a small incision, often with the assistance of supportive grafted tissue. This procedure can yield excellent results when coupled with early aggressive physical therapy.

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