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What is a Fifth Metatarsal Fracture?

The fifth metatarsal is a long tubular bone that connects the midfoot to the fifth toe. There are two general types of fractures that affect the fifth metatarsal: avulsion and jones fractures. An avulsion fracture can occur as a tendon or ligament pulls resulting in a small portion of the bone breaking off. A jones fracture occurs in the shaft of the bone wear the blood supply is not as rich. As a result, this type of fracture can be notoriously difficult to heal.

Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms may include tenderness, difficulty walking, swelling, and bruising.


Non-Surgical Treatments

  • RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression such as an ACE wrap, elevation to help with swelling
  • Cast immobilization (very important so fracture pieces do not move further)
  • Xrays- your foot and ankle surgeon will monitor for bony healing

Surgical Treatments

In the event that the break does not respond to non-surgical therapy, surgery is often needed.

  • Displaced bony fragments
  • Evidence of non-healing
  • Plates and/or screws, bone stimulator, period of immobilization until bone healing achieved

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