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What is a Hammer Toe?

A hammertoe can occur overtime due to imbalances in muscles/tendons of the foot.

Causes and Symptoms

Imbalances in the foot muscles/tendons can cause the toe to take on a bent or “hammered” appearance which can lead to discomfort in shoes. As the deformity progresses it can result in rigidity of the affected toe joints making walking painful.


Mild hammertoe deformities that are flexible are often responsive to changes in shoegear and custom orthotics. If the hammertoe is unresponsive to these treatments, surgical correction may be considered. This involves making a small cut in the bone and sometimes repair of tendons to help realign the toe. Various implants may be used to hold the toe in a corrected position. Often this surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to return home the day of surgery. Patients may return to normal shoegear once the soft tissues have healed.

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