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Shoulder and Elbow Treatment

If you think about it, perhaps none of your joints are as much used as the ones in your arms and hands on a daily basis. Years of use and wear and tear can cause weakness, loss of motion or stiffness. As we age, most will also develop arthritis that affects these joints. We specialize in elbow and wrist conditions and wants to help you gain better mobility.

Some of the shoulder and elbow conditions we care for include but are not limited to:

Diseases & Conditions

Elbow MCL Tear

MCL tears are when the elbow tears from overstretching. The pain can be mild or severe, depending on the size of the tearing of the medial collateral ligament, located on the inside of the elbow. A person may hear a snapping sound during the strain, although sometimes the tear is progressive over time.

Golfers/Baseball Elbow

Also known as medial epicondylitis, the golfer’s or baseball elbow comes from pain between the wrist and elbow on the inside wrist flexion. Forceful gripping or repetitive wrist flexion is felt when the person tries to press their palm against something or make a squeezing motion.

Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff injury may be caused by a single high impact trauma to the shoulder or it may be caused by performing a repetitive task which has worn the rotator cuff down to the point of injury. Sometimes bone spurs can develop around the injury increasing the soreness and seriousness.

Tendonitis & Bursitis

These are inflammatory conditions of the soft tissue near muscles and bones. Bursitis specifically involves the small sac that cushions some areas around bones and tendonitis is inflammation in the fibrous tissue that attaches muscles to bones. This can occur in the elbow, hand, wrist or shoulder.

Tennis Elbow

Technically this is known as lateral epicondylitis and is attributed with repeated wrist extension/resistance. Even if you do not play tennis, you can get tennis elbow. The pain extends along the exterior of the elbow and forearm, which worsens towards the wrist. It makes every day, normal activities difficult, such as turning a knob, unscrewing a jar lid, carrying heavy things or driving painful.

Ulnar Nerve Compression

Unlike some of the repetitive damage conditions, the ulnar nerve compression is usually from direct impact to the ulnar nerve. This is when excess pressure is placed on the ulnar nerve, which is located through the inside of the elbow/funny bone. It could be from a fall on your elbow or an injury on the playing field. You may feel a burning sensation, numbness, or pins and needles in the forearm and elbow.