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Sports Medicine

Prevention or Treatment of Sports Injuries

Our doctors work as a team to deliver the most effective sports injury care in New Jersey. Sports medicine requires precision, accuracy, and innovative technology to keep athletes of all different sports in top condition. Whether you participate in individual sports like running or tennis; or organized sports such as football, baseball or soccer, Atlantic Joint Center offers a state-of-the art facility that can serve all of your needs.

We have board certified physicians, all highly trained within their areas of expertise. You don’t need to trek around town to see a multitude of different doctors just for one injury or therapy session; we handle it all right here.

A Strong Prevention Program Helps Athletes Focus on Playing

Although many of the patients and athletes who we treat come after they have sustained an injury, we also have a strong sports injury prevention program. Atlantic Joint Center believes in taking a comprehensive approach to remain in top condition. Many of our athletes participate in nutritional support, acupuncture sessions, fitness plans, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy support – even when their bodies are in prime condition! This helps athletes perform at maximum capacity, with less risk of injury.

Our sports medicine team is dedicated, knowledgeable and truly cares about the athletes we see on a regular basis. We are rooting for you to win and know what it takes to keep you in the best physical condition. No one can predict a sports injury, but when it does happen, come to Atlantic Joint Center and get back to full steam in less time.