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Pain Less Than 3, With No Medications

What is “Pain less than a 3”? The medical community has been using a pain rating scale of 0-10 as a means to help a patient describe how much pain they are in. A verbalized pain scale rating of “0” would mean there is no pain and a “10” may feel like a lightning bolt of pain or the worst pain you can imagine. Chronic pain is an issue for many. It can be debilitating and unbearable. We always strive to remove pain in its entirety. There can be complicating issues that sometimes make that impossible. When zero pain is not achievable, we adjust our scale and goal to reach a “3” or less in pain.

We offer a multitude of state-of-the-art modern treatment plans and outpatient procedures that can last as little as 15 minutes but get you back on the road to feeling better that very day. Need to get back to work? No problem. We offer options where downtimes are minimal.